Due to COVID-19, we are giving all users free, unlimited access through the end of 2020.
Clutch will always be free for coaches; beginning next year, players and fans can get unlimited access for $5/mo.


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"Clutch is a necessity in today's sports world. With more youth and high school teams using game film every day, there has to be a user-friendly option that doesn't break the bank. This is it!"

- Ian Woodward Smith, Founder, Scorebird

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We're changing the world of game film

Game film shouldn’t be exclusively about x’s and o’s--it should provide coaching strategy and team engagement. Players should be able to improve their game and share their memorable moments with grandma. And you shouldn’t be charged more for hosting more videos! 
Clutch is a new take on game film, where the coaches, players, families--and all of your videos--are welcome.

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